About Us

Who we are?

CrossFit Bathurst is your first CrossFit affiliate of the Chaleur Region.

We are a community of individuals committed to the same common goals – living healthy, active lifestyles and helping others to do the same.

We provide certified CrossFit coaches who teach the fundamentals of CrossFit. We run smaller classes to make sure we can properly coach and help our members reach their goals. If you have an upcoming competition or you simply just want to feel better, our coaches will take you there.  You will completely surprise yourself with what you are capable of achieving.

We’re all about community and offer a great group of support and camaraderie. We promote and facilitate participation in all kinds of sports and activities outside the gym environment: B’day parties, Run races, swimming, ultimate frisbee, hiking, mountain climbing, triathlon, sushi nights, you name it!  Our members do it and there’s always an opportunity to try something new.

Why are we different?

We embrace our training as a sort of intense play time, utilizing the natural functional movements of the human body. We stay clear of the machines, gadgets, and fitness pills that have made the modern fitness industry a sham.  We won’t just sit you on a machine and plug a pin; every time you come into CrossFit Bathurst you will be learning or perfecting a skill that will directly improve your quality of life outside of the gym.

.Check out the pictures on our Daily Workout Blog. They all come from different backgrounds, fitness levels, shapes, sizes, ages, professions, experiences, etc. They can do it, so can you!

To Contact us

Phone-  506-480-0716
email : crossfitbathurst@gmail.com