15 comments on “mardi le 2 octobre

  1. Je serai disponible au gym aujourdhui pendant les heures de classes, si vous souhaitez faire une dernière séance d’entraînement.

    I will be available at the box today, during classes hours if you wish to do a last workout.

  2. Hi Janine,

    It’s been a great run, both figuratively and litteraly 🙂 Thanks for the coaching and the encouragement and for all the progess we made.

    We’ll keep on woding in many different ways like cutting firewood. Strange that working in the woods is easier than Fight Gone Bad 😉

    Have a great time

    Isabella, Julie and André

  3. Strength of your choice, EMOM (Marcel… every minute, on the minute… ;))
    3 reps for 6 sets. Last one is 10 reps

    for time: 5-10-15-10-5 of,
    – Strict pushup burpee
    – KB Swings

  4. Ok so the band just finished their last tune, lights goes out, crowd is cheering, lights comes back on, and the lead singer shouts…..ONE LAST TIME !!!

    i guess tonight was like that

    for time : 5-10-15-10-5 of,
    strict pushup burpees
    KB swing x 2

    time = 7:41

    the end …

  5. Quelle Belle Soirée au gym ce soir!

    Clean and jerks (5-4-3-2-1-1)
    75-85-95-105-115-120 (PR)


    Good job every Body! Lets keep in touch!!! PLeAse!

  6. Oh Ya… J’ai réussit à faire des stricts chinups pour la premiere fois cette semaine!!! Merci Janine.. je pensais pas que c’étais possible avant de commencer crossfit!

  7. Today, for the last time, I got to dress up as a retard, otherwise known as the Goggle Suite. It was awesome.

    Good old Strenght (Back Squats) with Paul and Time of WOD, 6:01!! Did a few musle ups just to make sure I was still somewhat in shape.. haha!

    Anyway, I have been called many names is my life, some nice, some ugly, but all well deserved. That’s just who I am. But I had never been called names like Goggle, Frodo-Baggoggle, Ti-Ziggagoggle, the Intravenous Goggle, or the Goggle-Guy -Who –Could- Press-More-Than-Marcel. But it was all in good fun (!!) and it made my training a lot more lively and fun than my boring solo days as a runner : )

    Thus, there are a 1000 Crossfits around the World, a 1000 WODs, a 1000 ways to stay in shape, a 1000 groups of people to train with… but only ONE Box like this one. Thanks for introducing me to this great sport J9 and I wish you all the best!!

    To Gino Go20 (Scotcher), Marcel (Le Gars faite en FER), Paul the Machine, Rene and Nancy, Super Dave, Karl The Vest, Eric the Fornicator, Sylvie, the Ratte Family, Beef, Roger, Julie , O/Olivier, Celine, Maryse, Isa, MaYuMi and Pat, France, the other France, Liane, David le dude du Québec, Ali, Double H (Bernie Hydraulic Haché), Iris, Matt, Matt’s wife, George , Guillaume, Dino le frère a Gino, Mike 104, Stephen, Alyssa, Bryanna, Jonathan (Jo), Janice, Colin, Nathalie, Louise, Mario, Josee, Flexible Jeff, Sebass, Kevin and Gemael, Joseph, Charles, Hasan, Monique, Carolle, Joane, all the newbies (did not catch your names… sorry), the ones I so obviously forgot about (many many times sorry…) and everybody else who I got a chance to WOD with over the last two years, it’s been great!

    Thanks again J9… you will sincerely be missed… and to everyone else,


    The artist formerly known as Goggle.


  8. Wow Goggles, that was an awesome post!!!!

    Don’t be a stranger dude…oh thats right, I almost forgot that I still have a full year to score tons of goals on you (top corner, glove side LOL)!!!

  9. Please take everything you have learned about yourself while doing crossfit and apply it to all aspects of your lives. It’s been great to train with all of you.Take care and may you have prevailing winds in your journey .
    Also thanks to all of you for making the box for what it was a great place to be , made by great people .

  10. Merci Janine pour tout ce que tu as fais pour nous. Tu as changé beaucoup de vies au gym et tu devrais être fière de toi. Je vais m’ennuyer de la gagne au gym mais surtout, je vais m’ennuyer de faire ta vaisselle à la maison pour pas que Mayumi de chicane! Bonne chance dans tes plans futurs et ne change pas! Keep in touch.

    Ton petit frère!

    To all the other members, it was a blast to workout with you. Stay safe and I hope to see you again!


  11. Haha ce nest pas comme ci jtrouvais pas Autre chose à chialer dessus! Ex: les pots maçons, la protein powder sur le plancher ou les portes darmoires salies!!!
    Tout ça par amour lol

  12. Merci tout le monde pour vos encouragements et votre bonne humeur. C’est plutôt rare que je manquais de motivition d’aller m’entraîner et c’était la gang qui faisait toute la différence. Je vais vraiment manquer Crossfit avec vous.

    A Janine, merci de m’avoir fait découvrir crossfit. Je n’ai jamais été en forme de toute ma vie et réussi de me pousser a mes limites. Merci énormément encore et bonne chance dans tes nouvelles aventures.

    France (la courte)

  13. Well from the First day to the last one of crossfit Bathurst, it was a fun adventure. When the Box first open, we were not more then 10 members with the likes of Kezia who was afraid to jump on (not over but on) a 25 Lbs bumper plate but eventually made it to an actual box jump. The gym kept on growing where I was able to train with friends and with new people who became friends. You don’t get that same effect from a “regular” gym. It was nice to see two people that did not know each other before a WOD giving each other “high fives” after the WOD while trying to catch their breaths and introduce themselves at the same time. You can find many succes stories of people whom changed their daily life habits completely at our Box.

    It’s a sad day that it all had to come to an end but Thank you J9 for all that you did for us and good luck with you new adventures…

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