7 comments on “lundi le 1er octobre

  1. I guess I just had my last workout at crossfit Bathurst tonight…. 😦
    Après 2 ans c’est triste de devoir quitter… C’étais le fun pendant que ça a duré! J’espère que je reverrai la gang!! Bonne Chance out there J9.

    Fight gone Bad!

    248 reps as RX

  2. well, as i write this, i must say that i’m really sad, its really only starting to sink in, a year and a half of my life came to an end tonight, and i feel lost

    i remember over a year ago, i was motivated but gave myself very little chances of making it, but look now.

    this experience has been life and game changing for me, i learned that i could be more, much more, the real knowledge that i gained is not about how to make a perfect back squat, but how you can turn your life around, how you can give yourself a new lease on life, how you can accomplish anything you want, and this is a lesson that i apply everyday in everything i do, so yeah, crossfit was much more than a workout.

    J9, what can i say about you, nothing that we dont all already know, you made all of this possible, and i think that we will take everything we learned from you and go on, it doesn’t matter what fitness program we attend, you will be there in all of us, and i dont think anyone at crossfit Bathurst will ever forget you, i know i wont !

    well, without taking all the gig’s this site has, this underdog is signing off

    chest up Paul, chest up !

  3. Paul – you just made me cry. But, very well put.

    Fight Gone Bad
    – some mods again to this wod because of the stinkin ankle…
    3 times 1 min each
    – wallballs 14lb
    – SDLHP (first round only) / power clean (round 2/3) 55lbs
    – box jumps –> step ups (black box)
    – push press 55lbs
    – rowing for cals
    – rest
    … pretty good for coming off this injury though. love this wod, sad it’s the last one. i’m gunna miss this!

  4. Damn Paul, you may not have made me cry like Ali, but I sure feel the same way you do!!!

    For the past 3 years I’ve been coming to Crossfit Bathurst day in and day out and met some incredible people along the way…needless to say I am really sad that its all over…I will truly miss all of you guys!!!

    A big thank you J9, because without you, all of this would’ve never been possible…I wish you all the best wherever life takes you!

    So here goes the last wod…

    WOD: fight gone bad as rx
    WallBalls (40/33/33)=106
    SDLHP (25/20/22)= 67
    Box jumps (37/34/34)= 105
    Push Press (23/21/22)= 66
    Rowing (14/14/15)= 43
    total = 387 (PR)

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