3 comments on “samedi le 29 septembre

  1. Bahaha! Thanks Janine! j’étais probablement en train de penser à mon tour qui s’en venait…. Sorry if I scare some of u…. Its my natural face…

  2. WOD
    Box jump @25
    KB swing @70
    DU with my new found inability to do them
    At every min do 5 burpees.
    33:59 that was a total 165 burpees ! Have a good weekend everybody .

  3. Cash in… run 1 loops around the block. Foot still hurts from 10 km run so I took it easy.

    40-30-20-10 of

    Box Jumps – 26″ box
    KB Swings – 50 lbs
    Double Unders
    And every minute on the minute, perform 5 burpees

    Time: 32:40

    160 burpees !!!! Crazy WOD

    Great job Karl et Stéphanie!!!

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