11 comments on “vendredi le 28 septembre

  1. Push Press went up to 235lbs and failed 245lbs PR!

    Front Squats up to 265lbs and failed 275lb PR!

    Did 7 round of wallballs

    HSPU could only do 5 in that minute

    Finished at 24 minutes and 5 HSPU

    Great job guys and grats marcel on PRs that were, I am sure, very welcomed.

  2. Push press up to 155 lbs, failed 165 lbs PR!!

    Front squats up to 235 lbs, failed 245 lbs PR!!!

    Wall ball: all 7 rounds – 20 lbs ball

    HSPU: 3/4 of one rep… But I worked hard for that rep!!!

    Great WOD, great job J9 and France!!!

  3. Yepiiii Marcel! Way to go buddy:)

    Moi ben… Les crossfit wod gods etaient pas avec moi a midi. Press jusqua 125. Failed 135 Squats 135-145 jaurais continuer but my technique wouldve suffered … So wanted to play smart. Then quit after 2 sets of wallballs because something weird wa tweaking in my knee. Then after 5 minutes, i realized i couldve done something else, lol so i did about 5x hspu with rack and barbell

  4. Push press up to 195lbs (tie PR), failed at 205lbs

    Front squats up to 295lbs (10lb PR), failed at 305lbs

    Wallballs 7 rounds

    HSPU: 1 round + 3 on next

    so total of 28 min and 3 hspu

    Talk about one heck of a cool wod!!! Good job everyone!! Grats on the 2 big PRs Gino 🙂

    Post wod: get piss drunk in a camp in the middle of nowhere in the woods…good times 😉

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